I like Joe Jonas

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why does it sound weird? its not a kinky rp or something. :\
- Anonymous

what do you talking about?? are you the anon asking for a rol play or something?? sorry but I dont care tbh about this kik thing or whatever..

Nick Jonas attends 2014 Young Hollywood Awards [7/27]

Nick Jonas attends 2014 Young Hollywood Awards [7/27]


"our jobs as fans…" "we should promote.."

no, it’s not your job to promote the artists. you’re the fan of their music, you’re not their manager or publicist. your job is to love their music & buy tickets for concerts. it’s amazing that you care and want to do as much as you can but please don’t act like fans should do all the work

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im crying…i just have a joe moment…omg

he is so perfect, so beautiful, his eyes, his smile, his laugh, his face, his hair, his voice, his personality, his attitude, his body, his arms, his legs…